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Bluecrop Blueberry


Bluecrop Blueberry - (Vaccinium corymbosum) 'Bluecrop' -  Ripens in mid-season (July.)  Light blue, big clusters of large, all-purpose berries — perfect in pies, or served with ice-cream. 

Blueray Blueberry

Blueray Blueberry - (Vaccinium corymbosum) - Ripens early to mid-season (June/July.)  Large, firm and very sweet!

Chandler Blueberry


Chandler Midseason Blueberry - (Vaccinium corymbosum) 'Chandler' (Northern Highbush) - Extremely large berries!

Jubilee Blueberry


​Jubilee Blueberry - (Vaccinium corymbosum) -  'Jubilee' (Southern Highbush) - Ripens over a two to three week period late in the season.  Medium to large, sky-blue, very sweet fruit.

Elliott's Blueberry


Elliott's Blueberry - (Vaccinium elliottii) - Late ripening.  Tart in flavor.

Jersey Blueberry

Jersey Blueberry - (Vaccinium corymbosum) - Ripens late season.  Rich blue fruit is medium-size and very sweet—a favorite for baked goods. 

North Blue Blueberry


North Blue Blueberry- (Vaccinium corymbosum) - Ripens mid-season. 

Patriot Blueberry


Patriot - (Vaccinium corymbosum) - 'Patriot Early Season Blueberry' (Northern Highbush) - Early crop. Large, sweet blueberries with pink-tinged white flowers.

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